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This website is dedicated to the belief that all life makes sense even though it doesn't seem likely at first glance. There are lots of things to do here, so take off your shoes and stink around awhile.  First off, you can look at the current edition of the famous

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After that-- if you haven't had enough, you can click yourself on to the formerly famous

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This may not be true, but it feels true:

How it All Began <-----------------our revision of history


  All Right-- who is this guy? What is he doing on my computer? Take a look at the....

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Ready to roll your dice and move your mice? Grab yourself a big bag of cheetos, a big two liter of RC cola and get ready to browse the Great Internet Cultural Black Hole via the--

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For those who wish to be visually impared-- have I got a place for you....

The Read & Delete Big, Bad Bonus Page <--- This is the stuff that never made it to the newsletter.


Questions, comments, confrontations? Got an idea? Got a bug up your chandelier? Tell me about it...

Stump The Wiseguy  <----- All questions answered, all answers questioned.


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Last (and least) you can't have a website without it...........

The Legal Stuff <----- It's not the law that I have problems with... just those who practice it.




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