September, 2000

Greetings from the ninth month!

      Autumn has always been my favorite season. The heat and humidity of the summer months finally dissipates, and in its place comes a cool breeze to refresh the spirit. The Autumn wind sighs through the trees with an almost musical quality, and the leaves make a festival of color as they break free and dance with the wind. The night air has a pleasant chill that encourages dreamy sleep, and the new day dawns crisp and brisk, invigorating one's soul. The morning frost glistens across the land until the sun chases it
       Autumn is the season of change. It says, "Look fast, for I am coming and going quickly, watch me now, each day I'll change a little, and soon I'll be gone. Come, run with me, and I will show you the all of the beauty that I am, before winter comes, with its somber snow and bitter wind." Autumn is truly beautiful, if you can look past the parking lots, traffic lights and office buildings that get in the way. I pity those who view autumn only as an interruption of summer; those who believe that the fall season only adds the discouraging duty of raking fallen leaves and scraping frost from their frozen automobile windshields. Many are the ones who lack perception of the subtle change each day brings. Summer days are much alike, copies one of another, a hundred in a row. But in autumn--- if you are quick enough to notice--- the days are independent in their splendor. What was green yesterday may be saffron, bronze or fiery red today. The tree full of leaves this week will soon resemble a skeletal hand reaching towards the heavens. The sky will change constantly-- some days a deep blue, others a dull gray-- all filled with the sounds of migrating birds.
     Autumn is God's succinct season-- His warning bell to the onset of winter. It is time to check the woodpile and cover the garden. We put away our summer clothes and toys- and get the winter things out, for the time is limited. Soon enough we will be shoveling snow and swooshing down the hills on our toboggan. So for as long as it's here-- look around and enjoy the season of wonder----autumn.


P.S. The October Read & Delete newsletter will likely come to you from a slightly different location---- England. I will be there for just over a week (no, I'm not flying over on the Concorde) and the trip is for business. I'll bring my notebook over the pond with me, so I can give you the very British perspective. Cheers!