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December, 2010

This is what happens when I have too much time on my hands.  By answering an ad on craigslist, I became part of the filmmaking community.  I did my part, (‘playing against type’- as they say) as a middle-aged womanizing golfer—in a pilot for a web series called The Club.  I was standing in for an actor who dropped out of the film prior to the shooting date, so with a minimal amount of practice, an old golf shirt and a mouthful of jelly doughnut, off we went.  The director, the talent and the crew were outstanding, and I was impressed with their professional attitude.  I just watched the camera and sound crews do their thing, while the director and the other actor and actresses brought their characters to life. My acting job, on the other hand—pure amateur.    It is notable that my movie debut was in a role portraying one of the lead characters’ occupational hazards.   All in all, I thought the rest of the people involved in the project were incredible and I wish them well in this endeavor, and I hope that my pot belly, powdered doughnut and Marlboro didn’t drag down the magic too much. And no, I didn’t inhale.

WARNING!  There is some profanity in this film (but I didn’t say any of it).

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