Meet Your Host

December, 2010

This is the inaugural post for the new home of the Read & Delete experience. We are happy to know that you are visiting us.

Your Congenial Host & Charming Hostess

 As you can see, spending 15 years piloting one of the more obscure e-mail news letters on the web has taken its toll- especially on those brave souls back at the clinic (Writer’s Rehab) who tried valiantly to correct my …..well ……. for lack of a better word…. style.  But don’t worry, although they gave their best Strunk & White effort to put me on the road to cohesive literacy, they failed miserably. Basically— they Strunk out.  But don’t you worry, their persistent grammar gnashing and style stomping has left me uneffected unaffected. As least—– not much.  Apart from some small neck spasms and a slight facial tic— I am still the same Read & Delete that you all came to know and ignore. 

So now we begin a new chapter in the Great Mattress Tag of the Internet, the Blog of Bleech, the Peril of Prose or what has once been described as the world’s longest literary suicide attempt– the Read & Delete! Stay tuned……