Seven Real Men

February, 2012

Back in the days before carbon emissions were dirty- before William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy cruised the universe from a hollywood set  or Irwin Allen sent the Robinson family adrift on their way to Alpha Centauri - there were 7 real men whose job it was to go boldly (no split infinitives here) where no man had gone before.  They called it “Project Mercury”  and seven test pilots were chosen to go into outer space.

50ish years ago- before space travel went Hollywood, and before NASA went green- these guys went into space – the real thing – without makeup, soundtrack or any special effects.  They stepped off the Earth and made laps around it in a spacecraft that was slightly larger than a VW beetle (the original one) and with less computer technology in the entire project than one would find in a 1st generation iPOD.   Seven years later we walked on the moon- without the Internet.

Thanks guys- for showing us how it’s done.

In back: Shepard, Grissom, Cooper. In front: Schirra, Slayton, Glenn, Carpenter.