Putting a Cap on It

I purchased some engine oil and a filter today (even at my 50+ age, I still prefer crawling under my vehicles at least 4 times a year for both automotive maintenance and to justify the some odd thousands of dollars invested in automotive tools) and the local Auto Zone store has offered me (as way of promotion) a NASCAR cap. I discover that I have a choice of either a Jimmie Johnson or Dale Earnhardt Jr. themed baseball cap. I find this more than amusing, especially since any fascination that I may have felt for either NASCAR car racing or their drivers ended with the onset of puberty, and the likelihood of my personally sporting any NASCAR -themed apparel could only be increased by the copious usage of Chloroform. On those occasions when I am called upon to wear any kind of baseball cap type headgear, I am usually also carrying my golf bag, and it has usually been my experience that golf and moonshine driven car racing are incompatible- if not mutually exclusive. This is just my opinion.

I do however, believe in the concept of free enterprise- and the idea of some entity offering me a piece of albeit tacky headgear as a byproduct of purchasing 5 quarts of Valvoline and an oil filter (that I would be buying anyway) is not without merit. The only additional investment that I need to make in this deal is the cost of a postage stamp- which is well within my means- a mere trifle as it were. I can fill out a form, send it in, and in a matter of 4 to 6 weeks, receive this hubris inspiring ego booster in return mail- when I shall forthwith forward it to some interested party with their weakness for driving in counter-clockwise circles and grease-laden cuisine. Not that there is anything wrong with it, mind you, but only that it is incompatible with my Formula 1 tastes and upbringing. IMO, civilized men do not race with either fenders or roll cages on their vehicles. But again, I digress.
The only question remaining is: which cap should I choose? J.J or D.E. jr? Inquiring minds wish to know.