Snow Blower

October 2014




For those of you who live in the southern or southwestern United States, this is a picture of a snow blower. It is a device that we healthy, robust northerners use to remove the accumulation of a cold, white powdery substance from sidewalks and driveways around our homes, thus making simple travel much less treacherous during the winter months.
This is a picture of my snow blower, which has been in use around my home for the last 18 years or so. I take it out of storage every September, do the maintenance on it, and get it ready for its winter use. Seeing that it is 18 years old, my snow blower is not only old enough to get its own driver’s license; it is also old enough to vote. I will also go as far to say that my snow blower is also smarter than a good number of registered voters that I know. You see, my snow blower can easily tell when it’s getting a snow job- especially when the accumulation starts to get pretty thick. When it gets dumped on, it goes right to work– doing its job of clearing away the slippery and treacherous layers and getting right down to clear pavement- so everyone can safely get on with their lives. Many others can’t see the snow until it is too late, and then they’re stuck.
This is an election year, folks– and the airways are thick with snow- being dumped all over us by all manner of politicians, candidates, media wonks and the like – especially in my home state of Illinois. (I’m sure that it’s pretty thick wherever you are, too.) The layers of rhetoric are getting pretty massive and treacherous with all its blowing and drifting – and by November we will all be thoroughly snowed under- unless we start digging ourselves out. It is time to blow the snow back off our front walks, and remember where we stand. It’s time for each of us to do a little fact-checking against all the name-calling and dubious statistics coming at us daily. It is time look at everybody’s track record and question everything we are told — and look at the motives of those who are dumping all this stuff on our doorsteps.
My snow blower is ready. How about yours?