Putting a Cap on It                                                    Waterproof Waterloo    

Snow Job

It Came as a Shock                                                     Bitter Living Through Chemistry

7 Real Men                                                                  Almost Home Cooking

The Dots That Will Not Connect                                  From the Mailbag

Post Apocalyptical Apoplexy                                        Joys in the Attic


Raccoons in the Rafters                                                   Weenie Computing

Now Playing on your Local YouTube                                Meet Your Host


The Great American Winter Road Trip                            And Then There Were...The Movies

Medicated Valentine                                                        Garage Sale

Read&Delete Sticks its Neck Out                                    Yes, it really did happen


Try not to Inhale

2007- In Review

Our Top Story....

Dragged into the 21st Century

The Password is.......

How To Complain

If You Can Stand the Smell... It's Spring 

The Missing Year

America's Oldest Teenage Detectives

Remembering Richard

The Stupid Network                                 On Trial!

Suzhou Auto Show                                  Saturated Fathead

Redecorate & Spam In Your Can            Christmas Booze


Read&Delete Visits the Other Side of the World         

Learning a New Language                                                            Back to China


Middle Age Mania

Got Shakes?

Welcome to 2002

Auto-Codependency                                                        Being Deleted

Death of a Dishwasher                                                     Fly Untied

Doughnuts in Denial & the Great Radio Blackout             Turning 40

The Read&Delete Guide to Saving Money and Looking Really Stupid at the Same Time  <--- award winner! 

The Read&Delete Guide to Upgrading Your Home Computer

Report Card Day                       The 2001 Parade of Gadgets

Welcome to the New Maloneyum             Dangerous Crab Dinner                  

Time Marches On! (sporadically...)           Oscars and the Airwick Tower 

April Anniversary                   The IRA Month       Tact or Tack?

The Unbearable Lightness of Being Stupid             Why I Do What I Do

Autumn      On a Night Like This     Read&Delete in England

Stuff Network Administrators Don't Like to Talk About         It Could Have Been 

The Cemetery Tour                    Coffee   <---- Award winner!

Name Your Car!                     The Microwavable Malady        Tax Time!

Miscellany                         Springtime in Aurora             Car Shopping

The Last Newsletter of the Millennium        Renewal Notice     Maloneys on Tour

Doctors!                  Kid Casinos

Unfortuantely... due to a hard drive crash........ all newsletters dated prior to March, 1999 were lost forever.....




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