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More Stinkin' Links

It's almost a law. Everybodys'  website has links that go all over the web--- leading you to useless, worthless places that are almost no fun at all. But it is different here at readanddelete.com-- the links may be useless and worthless most of the time-- but they may actually be enjoyable. I like them.  I don't know you or how you think.  I  wont guarantee their 'enjoyability level'-- heck, I can't guarantee that these links will actually work.    Just click on a link and off you go. If you want to come back here, just use your browser "back" button. If you don't come back-- I'm not going to cry about it. I guess it was just one of those things.

Reference Links

nist.time.gov  This is where to go in order to find out just how incorrect your computer clock is.

m-w.com    Here is the official Webster dictionary website. You now have no excuse for bad spelling.

dslreports.com   The Internet speed-trap.  How fast is YOUR connection?

acronymfinder.com   Just the place to find out what "TLA" means.


 News Links... or not

scrappleface.com    Insolence.  Sarcasm.   My kind of news.                          cnn.com PC news for your PC

drudgereport.com   Matt Drudge, Mr. News.  Links to everywhere.                wnd.com  WorldNet Daily... yes it is. 


Entertainment Links

bcdb.com Didja ever wonder about cartoons?

imdb.com   Who played the part of whatsername in that old black and white movie?

findagrave.com    These guys know where ALL the bodies are buried.  (Except Jimmy Hoffa's.)

wikipedia.com  The Encyclopedia of the People. Cited or not-- it's all in there-- believe it or not. It's up to you.


Helpful Links

edmunds.com    Wanna buy a car?  Wanna see what yours is worth?

mapquest.com    Find your way home on the web- maybe. Accurate to within one continent.

craigslist.com     A source for everything that is sold in your area-- and we do mean EVERYTHING. Caveat emptor!


Not Quite Helpful, but Interesting Links that May Be Fun to See if You Are Not in a Hurry

comics.com   America's editorial section.     sebringclub.net  All Chrysler convertibles... all the time  


Worthless Links

wards.com     Still got an unused gift certificate? Want to get warranty service?  TOO LATE!


If you have a stinkin' link to share, send it to readanddelete@comcast.net .  I may post it here.  Then again, maybe not.  I am not responsible for the content of the pages whose links are represented here. I am not in control of what goes on outside my domain. 

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